Código Generativo by Thomas Sanchez Lengeling

 Continuó bajo otras formas, encadenándose eslabón por eslabón. No perdonando ningún vacío, convirtiendo cada eventual vacío en el punto nodal de todas las fuerzas contrarias en tensión.

Osvaldo Lamborghini

Resortes is an interactive installation manipulated in real-time through the hand gestures of participants. In this installation, Newton’s laws of motion of which we find in our day to day life, is simulated to recreate various elastic strings from a set of particles or nodes.The strings act independently from each other and they are triggered either by the hand gestures of each participant or by real-time audio analysis.

In this installation two Leap Motions were used, they were located at the start and at the end of the projection. Each sensor affects differently the musical composition to produce self-rhythms and organic results. At the same time the hand movement can alter the physics of the chords, analogous to manipulating a elastic string with your bare hands. When the two Leap Motions are working simultaneously, both visual and sounds generated from each sensor are combined into one composition.


The piece is divided into two stages, the interactive where the visitors can interact with the installation and manipulate the audio synths and the physics of the responsive visuals. If the leap cannot detect any gestures then there is no activation of the visuals or sound, only silence. When ether one of leap motion detects a gesture the visual and sound starts to activate. Each time the user enters or leaves the detection zone a sound explosion is triggered. When the interaction with the leap motion is done, the generative stage begins. The involves an audio-visual installation that the can last between 6 and 8 minutes depending on various feedback values from the interactive process.

Hand Gestures

Hand gesture

In the installation we setup a local network were 4 computers were connected simultaneously. Were there was a constant flow of information between the various applications supercollider, processing and VVVV.

Connections of the local network and the Information flow Diagram


Visuals were made using Processing 2.0 with OpenGL, GLSL and libraries like oscP5 and the Leap Motion library for Processing.The audio was made using SuperCollider and an open source library called MIDetectorOSC that sends musical information to others applications via OSC messages. The library very useful to make perfect synchronization between audio and video in real time. It is currently being develop mainly by Benjamin Sanchez Lengeling of whom which I collaborate with.

Visuals and Interaction
Thomas Sanchez Lengeling
Alejandro Franco Briones

Salvador Chávez
Edgardo Dander
Ana Karen G Barajas
Francisco Venezuela Kat

The installation took place at the Digital Cultural Center (Centro de Cultura Digital CCD) in Mexico City on the first week of October of 2013 in the Mutek Festival Mexico 2013 and was produced by COCOLAB.

Resortes on the Developers blog of Leap Motion.

Making of Resortes

Making of Resortes from thomas sanchez lengeling on Vimeo.

The generative piece

Generative Chords from thomas sanchez lengeling on Vimeo.

The Interaction

Resortes – Instalación Interactiva CCD from thomas sanchez lengeling on Vimeo.

Images from



First version of Resortes

Based on a work at http://codigogenerativo.com/aether/.



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