Works and Portfolio of Thomas Sanchez Lengeling
Works and Portfolio of Thomas Sanchez Lengeling


Kinect v2 Processing library for Windows 8. A simple to use implementation for the Kinect v2 for Windows.

GitHub repository

Check out the tutorial here.

Current Version 0.7.5 (August 2015)

Kinect 2 Library for processing preview from thomas sanchez lengeling on Vimeo.



– A Kinect for Windows v2 Device (K4W2)
– Install the Kinect SDK v2
– Computer with a dedicated USB 3.0 port and 64bits
– For Windows 10 and 8.
– Processing 3.0
– Update your latest video card driver.
– Install DirectX 11.



– Automatic: Install from Processing contributors library manager.
– Manual: Install Kinect SDK v2
– Copy KinectPV2 folder to your processing libraries sketch folder.


Library examples
  • TestImages, Test all Frames/Images for the Kinect.
  • SkeletonMaskDepth, Skeleton positions are mapped to match the depth and body index frames.
  • SkeletonColor, Skeleton is mapped to match the color frame.
  • Skeleton3d, 3d Skeleton example needs love.
  • SimpleFaceTracking, simple face tracking with mode detection.
  • PointCloudOGL, Point cloud depth render using openGL and shaders.
  • PointCloudDepth, point cloud in a single 2d Image and threshold example.
  • PointCloudColor, Point cloud in color, using openGL and shaders.
  • MaskTest, Body Index test, and body index with depth.
  • Mask_findUsers, find number of users base on body index data
  • MapDepthToColor, depth to color mapping, depth frame is aligned with color frame.
  • HDFaceVertex, Face vertices are match with the HD color frame.
  • HDColor, 1920 x 1080 RGB frame.
  • DepthTest, Depth test with raw depth data.
  • CoordinateMapperRGBDepth, example broken, check 0.7.2 version.
  • RecordPointCloud, simple OBJ recording of the point cloud positions.
  • openCV Examples
    • Simple live capture
    • Find user contours with depth frame or with bodyIndex frame

To build the library from source, use this repository  [KinectPV2_BuildLibs]

Version 0.7.5

Skeleton and Face detection now returns an ArrayList of users.
New record point cloud example, writes a sequence of OBJ files containing the XYZ point cloud position.

Version 0.7.4

Updated example to work with the new Processing 3.0.

Version 0.7.3

Point cloud fix.
Depth, infrared, mask raw data fix.
Track independent users with mask data.

Version 0.7.2

Memory Leak Fixes

Version 0.7.1

Added openCV examples for contour finder
Color Point Cloud
Map Depth to Color
Change naming to avoid ambiguity Rectangle -> KRectangle, Quartenion-> KQuartenion

Version 0.7

RGB+Depth functions
HDFace Detection.

Version 0.6

PointCloud to PImage and getRawData()

Version 0.5

Simple FaceTracking with mode detection, up to 6 users.

Version 0.4

Skelton tracking for 6 user
Hand gesture recognition, hand open, close.
Body track, only supports 3 users, next version up to 6 users.

Version 0.3 Beta

RGB Image
Grayscale Infrared
Grayscale Depth data
Point Cloud