Código Generativo by Thomas Sanchez Lengeling
Kinect for Windows v2, Processing Library


Kinect for Windows v2 (K4W2) library for Processing, is a simple to use processing library for the Kinect v2, more about the Microsoft Kinect here.

Check out the tutorial here.

Current Version 0.5

Library is curretly on develop, with SDK Version 1409 (9/16/2014)

Kinect 2 Library for processing preview from thomas sanchez lengeling on Vimeo.



– A Kinect for Windows v2 Device (K4W2)
– Install Kinect SDK v2
– Computer with a dedicated USB 3.0 and 64bits
– Windows 8, 8.1
– Processing 2.2.1
– Update your latest video card driver



– Install Kinect SDK v2
– Copy KinectPV2 folder to your processing libraries sketch folder.



– Color1920, color image 1920 x 1080.
– DepthTest, how to obtain depth information.
– MaskTest, get only the contour image of the users.
– PointCloudOGL, point cloud render using opengl.
– PointCloudDepth, obtain the point cloud as a deph Image, and as a int [] array.
– SimpleFaceTracking, simple face tracking up 6 users.
– Skeleton3d, 3d skeleton.
– SkeletonColor, map color frame to skeleton.
– SkeletonMaskDepth, map depth frame and mask frame to skeleton.
– SkeletonTest, simple 6 users skeleton.
– imageTest, images frame test.

To build the library from source, use this repository  [KinectPV2_BuildLibs]

Version 0.5

FaceTracking up to 6 users.
PointCloud to PImage and getRawData()

Version 0.4

Skelton tracking for 6 user
Hand gesture recognition, hand open, close.
Body track, only supports 3 users, next version upto 6 users.

Version 0.3 Beta

RGB Image
Grayscale Infrared
Grayscale Depth data
Point Cloud



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